SS 16

Something New Something Borrowed

The Spring Summer 16 collection was inspired by re-examining the brand’s philosophy by revisiting the brand’s Ghanaian/ African heritage. Focus and emphasis was placed on the traditional Ghanaian style, which was re-interpreted to create something new in combination with a modern aesthetic. Traditional garments and traditional way of wearing clothes prior to the arrival of the Europeans to the African continent were examined and reimagined in a contemporary context.

Throughout the research it became evident that wrapping fabric across the body and over the shoulder were some of the predominant ways of dressing and this formed the basis for one of the details we explored and developed in the collection.

For the prints in the collection a two-pronged approach was taken. Traditional Ghanaian symbols known as Adinkra symbols were re-interpreted into new symbols and combined to create a contemporary print design. Modern fabrics such as silk popeline were dyed by hand using the batik dyeing process creating prints, which had a more modern feel to them.

White became the main focus in the colour palette accompanied by indigo, turquoise and rose pink to add a touch of youthfulness and femininity to the colour palette.